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CUCS' mission is to rebuild the lives of homeless
and disadvantaged individuals and families.


CUCS addresses needs on three mutually-reinforcing levels:

brager_scholarship_program_p47Direct Services – As a pioneer in this specialized field of human services, CUCS’ direct service programs help more than 25,000 individuals and families annually who are homeless or formerly homeless, low-income, living with mental illness or other disabilities to exit homelessness, regain health and wellness, find employment, overcome addictions, reunite with family, return to school, rise from poverty, and rebuild their lives.


Training – Each year CUCS’ Training works with staffs of human service organizations locally and nationally to help develop strategies to meet housing support goals. CUCS annually provides training to more than 10,000 staff members of over 200 human service organizations, operating in 44 states.

– To ensure the continuation of its high quality and effective services, CUCS prioritizes research as a key element in the development of prototypes for successful service delivery. Research and program evaluation are core components of the organization’ work, and they guide our use of Evidence-Based Practices and shape our program models.  CUCS is an innovator whose work both informs and advances progressive public policy.


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