Housing Resource Center

Launched in 1987, our Housing Resource Center provides information and access to housing for homeless people with psychiatric disabilities and other special needs.

Single Point of AccessSPOA Housing Program

The Single Point of Access | SPOA Housing Program collects housing data to connect specially identified individuals and families to the most appropriate housing residences and services. Our Housing Consultant team provides individualized support for housing applicants who have been referred to us by other agencies. Consulting directly with referring agencies, our Housing Consultants generate three housing referrals from SPOA’s extensive housing database for each housing applicant. The project tracks information about the outcomes of housing referrals, including interviews, reasons for rejection and placement information.

NY/NY Referral Assistance, Consultation, and Training
NY/NY I & II Referral Assistance Program

The Housing Resource Center’s trained housing consultants provide telephone consultation and referrals to service providers, advocates, family members, and homeless people in search of information on mental health supportive housing. HRC staff responds to more than 10,000 telephone inquiries per year from service organizations and social workers, advocates, family members and homeless people themselves.

NY/NY III Consultation and Training

HRC also offers general overviews of New York City housing options and New York/New York supportive housing, as well as trainings focused on specific populations that cover eligibility requirements, documentation and the process to access supportive housing units.

NY/NY I, II, & III Housing Eligibility

How to Access NY/NY I & II Housing

Reentry Coordination System (RCS)

CUCS provides the services in New York City to ease the transition of incarcerated individuals into housing with supportive services. The program is designed to facilitate referrals to supportive housing including coordination of video teleconference interviews, as well as referrals to forensic care coordination and outpatient mental health treatment services for individuals who are seriously mentally ill and are being released from New York State prisons to the five boroughs of New York City.