Street Outreach

Through heat waves and frozen days, rain or shine, our outreach teams are at work on the streets of northern Manhattan, helping men and women move from life outdoors to housing.

Commitment to Helping

Our commitment to working with street homeless individuals is decades long. In 1981, we opened one of the first drop-in centers for homeless people in Manhattan. Men and women went there for a meal, a shower and support to find housing and health care.

In 2007, alongside our partners Goddard Riverside and Breaking Ground, we founded the Manhattan Outreach Consortium, a pioneering effort to help the growing number of people living on the streets.  

Street to Home

Our outreach teams are now a constant presence on the streets of northern Manhattan, from 110th Street to the tip of island, river to river. There, they are engaging homeless men and women, working with them to move off the streets and into their own apartments.  More than 1,000 people have moved off the streets because of this work.

Our Street to Home work extends beyond the streets. We provide all of the psychiatry services to the Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens street outreach teams, and our groundbreaking street medicine program is working in tandem with outreach teams and psychiatrists to provide primary medical care to street homeless individuals in Manhattan and Brooklyn.