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Helping New Yorkers connect with services for their life.

Free and open to the public, CUCS Connects provides individuals and families in New York City with coordinated access to life-changing resources.

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Income Support

Do you need help with unemployment, food assistance or rental arrears? CUCS Connects can help you navigate unemployment applications, Food Stamp (SNAP) enrollment, Emergency Rental Assistance and other rent relief programs and assess the maximum benefits available to you.

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Health Insurance

Do you need health insurance? CUCS Connects can help you with the New York State Health Exchange enrollment, Medicaid and Medicare enrollments, and navigating Social Security applications.

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Legal Support

Do you need help with civil legal matters? CUCS Connects can help you with eviction prevention, employment, immigration, family law issues, child support, custody, and other civil legal issues.

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Financial Coaching

Do you need support with your personal finances? CUCS Connects can help you assess your financial health, pull your credit report, and develop a plan to reach your personal goals.

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CUCS Connects FAQs

What does CUCS Connects cost?

CUCS Connects is a free service offered to all New York City residents.

Do I have to be a US Citizen to use CUCS Connects?

No, we can assist any NYC resident regardless of immigration status understand what they may be eligible to receive in a confidential manner

Do I have to visit an office in order to receive assistance?

No, currently we are offering assistance with all of our services remotely via phone and internet.

Can I use CUCS Connects if I have a criminal record?

Absolutely! We have particular expertise in helping individuals who have had interactions with the criminal justice system connect with benefits and support.

I am facing eviction. Can you help?

Yes! CUCS Connects provides legal support for civil legal issues including eviction. Please choose the box above labeled “Connect with Legal Support” to be forwarded to someone who can help.

Is it still a requirement that you are looking for another job to qualify for unemployment?

Yes, you must still be actively looking for employment while claiming unemployment benefits. We can help you understand what you will need to qualify for unemployment.

I quit my job, will I qualify for Unemployment Benefits?

A loss of job/employment has to be “no fault of your own.” However, COVID19 has changed this temporarily. Connect with us and we can help determine if you qualify for unemployment or other assistance.

Can you assist with my taxes?

CUCS helps veterans with free access to a tax professional who can get the refunds and credits you’re entitled to including the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), which can be worth up to $9,083  for families.
For virtual tax preparation assistance, click here.

To qualify for this service you must:
1. Have an income in the 2021 calendar year of $60,000 or less
2. Be a NYC resident
3. Have a working email and cell phone number
4. Have veteran status

For assistance with this application or to schedule an in person appointment with a tax preparer, please reach out to us via the chat function or at 1-855-932-CUCS.