Yomar’s Journey Home
December 22, 2020

For men and women experiencing street homelessness in New York City, being able to find and move into permanent housing is the ultimate goal. Often times, the path to housing is complicated, but CUCS staff stays in step with each and every client through ups, downs, and setbacks, providing encouragement and support throughout the journey to a new, permanent home. 

When CUCS outreach staff first met Yomar more than 4 years ago, he was struggling to overcome the barriers that had kept him from maintaining housing in the past. CUCS’s teams helped connect Yomar with medical treatment, benefits, and legal advocacy. With support and unwavering encouragement from psychiatrist Dr. Coons, the Street Outreach team, and staff at The Kelly, one of our transitional housing programs, Yomar decided he was ready to come inside. After moving in, he worked closely with Dr. Coons to maintain his suboxone regimen and begin medication to treat his depression. 

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Coons, the dedicated staff at The Kelly, and our Street Outreach team continued to work with Yomar, encouraging him to keep working towards permanent housing, sometimes even tracking him down if he didn’t return to The Kelly. Over the last year, Yomar developed a trusting relationship with Lillian B., a case manager at The Kelly. She helped him apply for housing and supported him throughout the challenges that this year brought.  

Earlier this month, Yomar reached an incredible milestone. He moved into his own studio apartment in a supportive housing residence in Manhattan! His new apartment is the culmination of hard work and dedication, and we’re thrilled at his achievement. 

Just like Lillian, Dr. Coons, and the staff The Kelly who worked with Yomar, all of CUCS’s outreach workers, case managers, street medicine providers, psychiatrists, and housing staff work tirelessly to help our clients achieve their goals for permanent housing.