Need help? Start by Asking!
April 26, 2017

There is a reason why New York City never sleeps. Its residents are hard at work, providing for their families and contributing to this great city. However, although New Yorkers are known to be resilient, sometimes we struggle and could use some help.

Two million New York City residents are eligible for assistance but don’t know they are or how to access benefits. This is why the Robin Hood Foundation along with CUCS’ Single Stop program and other partners are encouraging residents to seek assistance through the Start by Asking campaign, a collaborative effort launched to help people learn about and access benefits.

CUCS has helped New Yorkers achieve financial stability for over 12 years, serving more than 22,000 households since it began participating in the Single Stop model. Whether a college student, new parents, underemployed or a veteran, CUCS’ Single Stop program continues to help individuals and families access poverty-fighting benefits and resources. These benefits can help increase monthly income and save on expenses during trying times.

Megan Sergi Howard, Program Director of CUCS’ Single Stop, explains that the program “has not only  become a trusted place in each of the communities that we are located where you can get real help with concrete services, but we have also assisted our clients in receiving millions of dollars in benefits that get put back in the communities.”

The work to fight poverty is done by a city-wide coalition of public, corporate, and community-based organizations aiming to help eligible New Yorkers access several of the most effective poverty-fighting financial benefits.

“Working with partners to serve our clients has been an integral part of the success of this model.  Everyone can’t do everything and typically our families have multiple needs that need different types of expertise,” says Megan.

Single Stop is prepared to answer any questions you may have and will guide you along the way to access the help you need. All you have to do is Start by Asking.