Building Brighter Futures
Paola, Tenant Services Coordinator

We are resilient, and we help each other.

I’m not planning programs for the future, so I’ve been calling tenants and filling in when case managers aren’t on site.  A lot of people need a helping hand and we’re here to provide it to them without judgment. We are resilient, and we help each other.

I’m able to support one of our clients who is in the process of recovering from COVID. That felt like a miracle in a way because he’s a very elderly gentleman who has a lot of underlying conditions. I didn’t know if he would survive, so it’s really a joy that he’s back home.

All of our roles have changed. We’re really responsive to what’s going on and trying to function normally, but everything is different. It is important that our clients know that we are there for them because some just have no one to talk with. Having us to listen to them makes a big difference.