Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month
November 4, 2019

Last month, residents at our Lenninger and Sydelle housing programs celebrated National Hispanic Heritage Month—a month dedicated to honoring the history, culture, and contributions of Americans with Hispanic backgrounds. For the families at CUCS, this was an opportunity for neighbors to come together, share Latin American food, and learn a little bit more about Hispanic heritage.

The party room was decorated with the flags of the different countries that contribute to the Hispanic identity. Throughout the room were images and information about significant Hispanic figures–from Cesar Chavez to Sonia Sotomayor to Jessica Alba—allowing attendees to explore the enormous tapestry of accomplishments and impacts that Hispanic culture has had across history. As a DJ played a bouncing soundtrack filled with Hispanic musicians, kids and parents alike joined in the festivities, with plenty of big smiles abound.

Of course, we could not have made these celebrations possible without the hard work of our volunteers. Groups from Capital One and Taboola came out to help, and we are so grateful for their support.

We are endlessly proud of the many different cultures represented within CUCS, and we were thrilled for this chance to celebrate the important place Hispanic heritage has in our community.