Calling All Veterans!
March 15, 2017

Tax season is upon us and CUCS is here to help! For a fourth consecutive year, CUCS’ Single Stop program is offering free virtual tax preparation services on-site at the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) hospitals in New York City to low and moderate-income veteran households.

Every year, CUCS’ Single Stop program helps an average of 50 veteran households file their returns through virtual tax preparation services. With the help of Food Bank NYC’s certified volunteer tax preparers, Single Stop has generated more than $75,000 in Earned Income Tax Credits per tax season.

The virtual tax filing program enables busy, hard-working New Yorkers with more convenient ways to file their returns. Clients simply drop off their tax information and continue with their daily activities while their tax returns are prepared.

Co-located within the VA hospitals in Brooklyn, Manhattan and The Bronx, the tax services help many veterans who reside in New York City or turn to VA hospitals for their healthcare needs. Single Stop also screens veteran households to identify their eligibility for cash benefits and support services.

Mr. Rodney C., pictured above, is a Single Stop client working in New York City and receiving healthcare from the VA. He has filed his tax returns through Single Stop’s virtual tax preparation services for the past three years and describes the program as “a service within a service. It’s very efficient, thank you!”

Hurry, Single Stop’s virtual tax preparation services are only available until April 13th! For location information or to find out how Single Stop can help you and your family, visit our Single Stop page today.


*Updated April 10th, 2018