Spreading Birthday Magic
September 27, 2017

Birthdays are a special rite of passage for children. Some of our fondest memories come from birthdays growing up, whether our own or someone else’s we’ve attended. Sadly, many children go without a birthday celebration or present but thanks to The Birthday Party Project (TBPP), that’s quickly changing. Over the summer we began a partnership with TBPP to spread birthday magic to our young residents from the Lenniger and the Sydelle housing programs — and we couldn’t be more excited!

For children coming from a place of trauma, pain or instability, celebrating birthdays is especially important. It reminds each child that they’re loved and valued. But birthdays can also be a stressful time for parents who may not be able to provide their children with a birthday gift or party.

Founded in 2012, TBPP made it its mission to bring joy to children living in homeless and transitional facilities, one birthday party at a time. Since its inception, the organization has quickly expanded its reach to over ten cities across the nation, including New York.

As with many modern-day relationships originating on social media, so began the partnership between CUCS and the TBPP. We’ve long admired their incredible work in helping bring happiness to this special population, giving kids the opportunity to just be kids and helping parents leave their worries behind, if even for a little while.

Now each month, TBPP sends birthday kids from the Lenniger and the Sydelle, ages one to eighteen, presents for their special day. The thoughtfulness behind each present is truly priceless. TBPP volunteers carefully select an age-appropriate gift for each child, worth approximately $30. The gift is beautifully wrapped and includes a personalized birthday card.

The partnership has been a source of joy for kids and parents alike. Parents are elated to see the beaming smile on their child’s face. One parent expressed her gratitude, stating “this is really a blessing.” “TBPP thanks for your support and gifts for my son, it’s very much appreciated,” added another.

Since the beginning of our partnership with the TBPP in June, 34 children from the Lenniger and the Sydelle have received birthday presents. We’re incredibly grateful for the countless smiles this partnership has created and look forward to many more!