Sandwiches for a Cause: Our Fundraiser with Potbelly
April 5, 2018

On Thursday, March 29th we held our first restaurant fundraiser with Potbelly Sandwich Shop. The event was a deliciously fun way to spread awareness about CUCS and raise money for our cause!

Potbelly Sandwich Shop is a franchise that grew out of Chicago. It now has over 400 neighborhood sandwich shops across the globe and serves a variety of yummy sandwiches, sides, salads and deserts. The franchise is known for giving back and supporting their neighborhoods in numerous ways, including in-shop fundraisers for countless charities.

Upon learning about their in-shop fundraisers, we knew we wanted in on the action! We connected with Potbelly in February and within a few months held our first fundraiser together!

The fundraiser was held at the Potbelly located at 366 5th Ave between 2pm – 5pm and 25% of all proceeds were donated to CUCS. The shop was close to many of our programs, including The Christopher, The Times Square, and The Prince George, and also right around the corner from the Empire State Building!

With many offices and exciting NYC attractions close by, the shop had a steady stream of customers throughout the fundraiser. While patrons enjoyed their sandwiches, they were treated to musical entertainment thanks to a guitar player who had been invited to set up in the shop during lunch.

In addition to the donations from customer orders, the shop also collected cash donations to support CUCS. Thanks to the cheerful encouragement of Potbelly cashiers, customers donated over $70 in cash.

With another successful event, CUCS continues to explore new fun and exciting partnerships to raise awareness and funds to help build brighter futures!