Meet CUCS’ Youngest Donor!
September 14, 2017

We are pleased to introduce to you our donor of the month, Oren! At just six years old, Oren is our youngest donor in CUCS history and we’re so honored that he chose to support our work.

Every month, Oren receives an allowance from his grandmother Peggy and his great-grandmother Nana. “I put the money in my jars,” Oren explains, “one says ‘For Others,’ one says ‘Spend’ and I have a piggy bank for college.”

It took “many days” for Oren’s donation jar to fill up with $34, but once it did his grandmother encouraged him to pick an organization to give the money to. He chose CUCS.

“It was completely his decision,” Oren’s grandmother Peggy explains. Peggy works at CUCS as the Director of Evidence Based Practices and she often discusses her work with Oren.

Oren believes everyone should have a home and is happy CUCS helps homeless people get off the streets and into housing. Living on the street would be “scary at night, when you can’t turn the lights on and cold in the winter when it snows,” he says.

He thinks it is important for kids coming out of homelessness to have books, toys and room to play and the adults should have comfortable couches and beds.

Oren suggests that other kids have similar systems for their allowance so they can help people too. He is excited to start saving money again so he can donate to another great cause!