Honoring our 2018 Champions
April 19, 2018

The CUCS 2018 Champion Awards are quickly approaching, bringing together over 150 leaders in business, government, nonprofit and philanthropy. On the special evening of Wednesday, April 25th, we will present the 2018 Government Champion award to Gale A. Brewer, Manhattan Borough President; the Humanitarian Champion award to the CUCS | Janian Medical Care Consumer Advisory Board, and the Corporate Champion award to First Republic Bank.

In recognizing Gale A. Brewer as recipient of the CUCS 2018 Government Champion award, CUCS CEO and President Tony Hannigan said, “Gale Brewer’s dedication and decades of service to New York City is unparalleled. Her commitment to strengthening the borough of Manhattan and to lifting up all New Yorkers is a true example of government service at its finest. We are honored to be giving Gale this award.”

CUCS | Janian Medical Care Consumer Advisory Board will receive the 2018 Humanitarian Award. “Our Consumer Advisory Board is comprised of service recipients who are homeless and formerly homeless individuals. They help guide our psychiatric services while giving voice to the needs of their peers, using lived experience of mental health challenges and homelessness to connect, engage and support others facing similar situations. For example, the members staff tables at soup kitchens and community venues throughout the year to provide information, care packages, and support to peers,” said Dr. Van Yu, Janian’s Chief Medical Officer. Janian Medical Care, CUCS’s signature health care program, is dedicated to improving the health of homeless and formerly homeless individuals throughout New York City.

First Republic Bank has been dedicated to supporting and developing partnerships with the nonprofit community since 1985 and will be recognized as CUCS’s 2018 Corporate Champion. “First Republic Bank’s efforts to create financial partnerships with CUCS and New York City’s nonprofit community are commendable,” said CUCS Board Chairman Alex Rose. “By partnering with First Republic, CUCS is able to expand its ability to create affordable housing and provide the programs and services that thousands of individuals and families depend upon.”

The 2018 CUCS Champion Awards will take place on April 25th at the Helen Mills Theater, 137 West 26th Street, New York City, from 6:00 – 8:00 pm. Tickets are still available — get yours here.

See you there!