Building Stronger Communities at CUCS with Whole Foods Market
August 26, 2016

To many of us, summertime brings an abundance of fun: beach outings, summer sports, and more time outdoor to enjoy the warm weather and company of others. Thanks to Whole Foods Market, summer got even more exciting for two of our transitional living programs, Delta Manor and The Kelly. The two programs received donations from local Whole Foods Market stores and what may seem like simple donations became the perfect opportunity for laughter, relaxation and community bonding.

Delta Manor decided to throw a traditional summer cookout for residents and staff, replete with hamburgers, chips, fruit, salad, and more than 150 hot dogs! Community activities like this one offer Delta Manor’s residents a chance to relax and connect with each other in different ways. They also offer the community of 100 men diagnosed with a mental illness a break in their daily tussles and another reason why such activities are an essential part of the successes at Delta Manor.

The Kelly decided to take advantage of New York City’s ample park space so residents and staff from the transitional living community in Harlem packed up their Whole Foods Market bounty and headed to St. Nicholas Park for an afternoon of picnicking and outdoor activities.

The sunshine held steady for the 40 residents and staff to enjoy an afternoon practicing yoga, engaging in walks, team building discussions and board games while sharing food together. Whole Foods Market graciously provided the staff at the Kelly with gift cards to ensure that residents would be able to enjoy a wide variety of delicious and healthy snacks to their liking.

Group activities, like a summer park picnic, can add some variety to the days of the residents. As we’ve noted previously, spending time in outdoor spaces offers lasting mental and physical health benefits for everyone – residents and staff alike.

This summer’s heat has been one for the record books but our many residents didn’t let that deter them from having a great time. Thanks to Whole Foods Market’s generous gifts, 150 of CUCS’ residents and staff were able to gather together and spend quality time filling up on good food and a good time!