New York/New York I and II Referral Assistance Program

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Through HRC's New York/New York I and II Referral Assistance Program, trained housing consultants provide telephone consultation in response to more than 10,000 inquiries a year from service organizations and social workers, advocates, family members, and homeless people themselves.

HRC's New York/New York Referral Assistance Program, also known as the Residential Placement Management System (RPMS), has a unique computerized database that provides access to a vast array of useful facts and vacancy information on supportive housing, supported housing, congregate treatment programs, CR/SROs, community residences and apartments - encompassing some 11,000 residential units at more than 300 sites throughout New York City.

HRC's housing consultants also publish the Vacancy and Information Update, a bi-weekly periodical with reports on housing vacancies and announcements on policies concerning New York City's mental health housing system.


NY/NY I and II Eligibility

How to Access NY/NY I and II Housing

Housing Options

Completing the HRA 2010e

Creating a Comprehensive Psychosocial

Creating a Psychiatric Summary

Preparing Applicants for Interviews

SMI Criteria

Introduction to the Mental Health Report

Chest X-Ray requirement handout for HRA 2010e

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