Janian Medical Care

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Janian is named in the spirit of Janus, the Roman god of transition, change, and new beginnings; he was also the god of gates, bridges, and the doors of homes.

Outside_Pic_with_ClientIn 2011, Janian was established by CUCS to both carry on the work of the Project for Psychiatric Outreach to the Homeless (PPOH) and to enable CUCS to expand its service offerings to include primary medical services for homeless, formerly homeless, and other individuals facing disparities in health care.  At the threshold of the new healthcare environment, Janian will continue to provide psychiatric care through PPOH that is accessible, personalized and delivered by well-trained and highly committed physicians and practitioners.  

Janian continues to expand its primary care service, delivering comprehensive and coordinated care to individuals served at CUCS programs.  Using evidence-based models for both care provision and coordination, Janian and CUCS endeavor to serve the over 2,000 tenants at CUCS permanent supportive housing sites, first targeting chronically ill individuals through the Intensive Wellness Program. 

We will continue to use the lessons learned, from this experience of integrated primary care and psychiatry, to increase our capacity to improve and innovate in New York City’s developing healthcare environment and begin extending this model of service to partner organizations.

"CUCS rebuilds the lives of homeless and disadvantaged individuals and families."

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