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Lenniger_cornerThe H2S program helps homeless families in NYC who have been in and out of shelters rapidly obtain and maintain housing and provides supportive services to prevent them from returning to homelessness.

This program is led by CUCS in partnership with the Robin Hood Foundation, the NYC Department of Homeless Services and four service teams.

CUCS isn’t just leading the program, we also recently completed a randomized controlled study showing that episodic homeless families receiving H2S services exited shelter quicker and were less likely to return to shelters.  The American Journal of Public Health is publishing this study that contributes exciting new knowledge about the impact of outreach, placement, and support services on preventing the cycle of homelessness for families across the globe.  For specific study results, click here.

Home to Stay (H2S) program is rebuilding lives and with your support we can continue to rebuild lives through innovative programs like H2S.  If you would like to receive updates from CUCS, click here.

H2S_familyThe Hill Family is a family that has graduated the Home to Stay program.

For nearly a decade, the Hill Family was in and out of shelters. Mr. Hill struggled to find a job, while Mrs. Hill always worked.  They just wanted to take care of their two kids but they felt that no matter what they did they would end up back in a shelter. 

CUCS’ Home to Stay program changed all that. 

CUCS found them an apartment they could afford on Mrs. Hill’s salary as a Pharmacy Technician with Pathmark.  Their children were so happy to finally have a home of their own. Shortly after they settled into their new home, her hours were drastically cut at work because business was slow.  They found themselves owing back rent and close to returning to the shelter system.  

“Fortunately, the Home to Stay program gave us ongoing support to keep us on track. “- Mrs. Hill 

CUCS’ Home to Stay program let them know they qualified for the Family Eviction Prevention Subsidy and through the CUCS Single Stop, they were connected to a legal aid attorney to complete the subsidy process.  Mr. Hill worked with CUCS Career Network and he found work doing promotions for a tax center. 

“It is such a great feeling to tell your children that in rebuilding our lives together with CUCS we have found a way to stay in our home.” - Mr. Hill

"CUCS rebuilds the lives of homeless and disadvantaged individuals and families."

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